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Pedlars Dog of the Week

Pedlars Dog of the Week

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Week 172′s Dogs of the Week are… Aida and Oscar! #whippet #bedlingtonterrier #dogoftheweek

Week 167′s Dogs of the Week is… Rodney! | Welcome #dogoftheweek #lurcher #rodney

Week 164′s Dogs of the Week is… Dudley! #dogoftheweek #labradoodle

Week 162′s Dogs of the Week is… Dolly! #dogoftheweek #bichonfrise

Week 161′s Dogs of the Week is… Roger! #rescue #Lurcher #Roger #dogoftheweek #pedlars

Week 131′s Dogs of the Week is... Nia | Welcome

Edward, Arthur & Frankie

Abby and Mac



Edna - Week 127's Pedlars Dog of the Week!


Bouba is a British Bulldog, he lives in Paris and is 6 years old. He is a HUGE Snorer and is anyone's friend for a scrap of food... Bouba, you are PEDLARS DOG OF THE WEEK!

Say Hello to Humphrey. He's a very quirky one year old Black Lab. He loves carrying rocks, chewing branches (forget sticks) and nuzzling ears. His current favourite thing when he's feeling a bit crazy is playing with a motorbike tyre in his owner's back garden. He likes to make himself dizzy by swinging round and round and round while he's inside it! Humphrey... you are PEDLARS' DOG OF THE WEEK.

Meet 1yr old Maisie. She's a scruffy Norfolk terrier crossed with Patterdale terrier and lives in Oxfordshire with her family. Her greatest loves in life are having her tummy rubbed, sleeping in her gingham bed and playing with her friends Bella who is 5 and Oscar 3. are PEDLARS' DOG OF THE WEEK!

Dog of the Week - Maisie


Badger, a 5 year old Pomerussel from Ealing. Loves chasing pigeions and playing hide and seek with her family. Pedlars 103rd Dog of the Week.

Pepper, Marlene's 14 week old Lhasa Apso. Enjoys eating shoe laces and skydiving off the sofa. Pedlars 104th Dog of the Week.

Archie, white mini schnauzer. Pedlars 105th Dog of the Week.

Jess, adorable collie x lab puppy. Learned the 'sit' command in a week. Pedlars 106th Dog of the Week.

Mr Guiness, fearless daredevil with a stubborn streak but extremely affectionate, loyal and gentle with a great sense of humour. Pedlars 107th Dog of the Week

Alfie, aged 11 and 1/2 yrs. Pedlars 108th Dog of the Week.

Jumble, aged 12. Enjoys annoying the chickens, woofing and chewing tissues to shreds. Pedlars 109th Dog of the Week!

Mr Bones, 18 month old black Miniature Schnauzer. Pedlars 110th Dog of the Week

Monty, Pedlars 111th Dog of the Week