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Front Yard Plants

Desert Ruellia - Maintenance: Prune back to 1 1/2 ft. in early March. Avoid repeated pruning during the year. Allow it to grow into its natural shape. Hardy to 25 degrees.

Ag info for veggie gardening in AZ

Plants for poolside

Great resource for Az plants

List of AZ Pool Friendly plants

Trees - low litter for around pools Willow Acacia Acacia salicina Shoestring Acacia Acacia stenophylla Mediterranean Fan Palm Chamaerops humilis Desert Fern Lysiloma watsonii Pygmy Date Palm Phoenix roebelenii Southern Live Oak Quercus virginiana Queen Palm Syagrus romanzofianum

Ocotillo plant - love the vertical drama

Slipper plant

Mexican Honeysuckle (Justicia spicigera).

White Spanish Colonial with overgrown bougenvillea

Hopbush (Dodonaea viscosa)

Texas Sage (Leucophyllum frutescens)

Ironwood trees (Olneya tesota), Little Leaf Palo Verde (Parkinsonia microphylla), Bursage (Ambrosia deltoidea) and Brittlebush (Encelia farinosa

Brazilian Pepper Tree (Schinus teribinthifolius)

Mesquite (Prosopis species)

Jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifilia)

Evergreen Elm (Ulmus parvifolia)

Ironwood (Olneya tesota