sight word activities


More than 100 Sight Word activities. For kids learning to read, sight word activities can be really helpful. Learning sight words helps you to learn to read faster by being able to identify frequently used words without having to sound them out.

Make phonics eggs! Great way to learn word families!

Plastic Egg Word Families - for teaching rhyme and word beginnings/endings. They just spin one side of the egg for different words.

Sight word bean bag toss! Great gross motor skill integration!

SIGHT WORD bean bag toss

Word Recognition- A bean bag toss for sight words. Use index cards with sight words on them to draw from. Then use chalk to write the sight word on pavement. Ask students to throw bean bag onto the sight word you draw and say aloud.

21 Fun Ways to Increase Interest in Your Writing Table

21 Ways to Inspire Interest in Your Writing Table

These are twelve hands on sight word activities. Hands on learning is always the goal in my house! Learning sight words can be a lot of fun for the kids!

12 Hands on Sight Word Activities

Put Word Labels on the blocks

Learn how to use Duplo and Lego Blocks to get your child to learn his or her sight words. Also learn how to use them to help your child learn to form and sound out words.

Kindergarten Smiles: Candy Corn Game

Uppercase/Lowercase letter match or Beginning Sounds with Candy Corn! This would be SUPER cute for a lesson or learning center for fall!