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Getting There

Getting There

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'59 Chevy

Lambretta TV175 Scooter Outfit by kenjonbro, via Flickr

Burning Man

1963 bambi sporty pickup

Enlighten Canberra Festival 2013....illuminated sea creatures on bike frames

Dino Bicycle

Dinosaur Bicycle

Bat Van

Bela Lugosi’s Roller Skates. Because Lugosi never learned to drive he got around Hollywood on roller skates. Vampira describes her first meeting with Bela : “I was a young girl window-shopping on Hollywood Boulevard. I was bending low to see the detail of some shoes and someone whizzed around the corner on rollerskates, almost bumped my fanny and crashed into me. He was wearing an Ascot cravat and a beret. It was Bela Lugosi on rollerskates.” Haha. This is too awesome.

Pontiac hood ornament...#coolcars

All Newest - pixdaus

black car

Worlds smallest and lightest folding electric bike | Greatest Stuff On Earth

Shinya Kimura at Bonneville


1965 Mono Scoot

1950s Unlimited - 1965 Mono Scoot concept for personal...

1955 Citroën DS Ballon

Citroen DS - the “Goddess” “The bodywork, the... | The Khooll


Little driver, N.Y. 1947

First class

Phantom Corsair 1938 / Rust Heinz and Maurice Schwartz / Bohman Schwartz Pasadena, CA / hidden in L.A. Noire

The Phantom Corsair Prototype | Car tuning and Modified Cars

dog on a bike

3178. It was obvious that something radical was happening even as far back in 1953, but it was impossible to tell what it was or where it was going. Colors became more pastel, and more often two colors were used. The chrome on the sides of the cars that in the past had always been a straight line from front to back, began to lose its way and wander off in peculiar directions.

3179. By 1955 freakish shapes began to appear like the first signs of a serious disease. Bumps appeared that would later metamorphose into fins.