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vintage tins Black Bird and Three Crow Spice Tins. I think you know how much I love crows!


When people go to Morocco and see the colorful spices, they often think about flavor and food. But what about the medicinal uses of spices.


Turkish Spice vendor, Istanbul, Turkey -- the Spice Market -- very large and impossible to catch in a photo

spices, spices, overflowing with spices

put plastic containers with lids inside the apothecary drawers to store dried herbs and spices.


Moroccan spice market- do you remember the summer we spent packing spices? Can you smell it right now just looking at the picture?

Love the baskets

INDIA: The great silk road: Spices.this is here everyday, but when you see it for the first time it's like a work of art that went unsigned.and pics.


Spice Markets of the Middle East - beautiful, earthy colors.

Spice market in Istanbul.

Spice market in Istanbul. The heavenly scent is something I can't wait to experience.

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The fascinating history of spice, which spans millennia, is made clear and easy to understand in this informative but fun spice infograph

Black Lemons which are in reality completely dried limes.  Used in Middle Eastern cooking in stews and soups. Make a slit with a knife and drop in to the pot.  Works great with pork shoulder, tomato sauce and any combination of middle eastern spices.    Available at World  Spice in Seattle.

Black Lemon : World Spice Merchants : Seattle's Premier Spice, Herb & Tea Shop