I can't stop laughing at this dog's feet

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Every time.every time

Trying on bathing suits…

Trying on bathing suits…

true story

Who's wasting time? I'm not wasting time.

Could not stop laughing

How to describe Finding Nemo when you want people to think you were watching a grown up movie. Now I want to watch Finding Nemo.

A big dog being comforted during a checkup at the vet. | 41 Pictures You Need To See Before The Universe Ends

41 Pictures You Need To See Before The Universe Ends

Don't you just love dogs?

We had to take "his seat" out of our van so we could fit a dresser in the back. He has been sitting like this, waiting to go for a ride for the past 15 minutes. - How sweet!


"Every pizza is a personal pizza." I once ate a x pizza for a challenge.

Something has gone terribly wrong....

Uh oh, dog, hammock, stuck Too funny!

You know, there are probably pups everywhere thinking this very thought!

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