‘they became the king and queen of gotham. god help anyone who disrespected the queen.

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When bold branches bid farewell to bright leaves


Older brother/younger sister/sibling portrait Central, IL Photography/Little Bells Photography

(open with Isabelle) I walk around the weapon room looking at the throwing knives, and I see one that I like so I decide try it.

Kai is going to take Banks out of the city for a few days ❤

end of session 24

shelovesrunning: “I want to run down this path! ”

Nature Photography - grace–upon–grace: Margo Hupert

Ophya why is your chaise in his office?

Gothic Home Decor Style Victorian Gothic Interior Design Bedroom Haha, this is from Dark Shadows!

Everett - Bell Rock Cemetery - Gravestones in the Autumn Leaves by Andrew Quinney

Forest DARK...

'Gothic Landscape' - photography by Yaroslav Gerzhedovich<<this would make a very intriguing book cover (hint, hint, future authors).

Bell Tower

Walk me home by light of sleep and mist of dream. Fog of head to guide me through the waters of Insanity's doorway.

have this in lots of colors! great for layering, but would love more sweaters/blazers to wear over the top of it!

Pleione Split Neck Blouse (Regular & Petite) available at

Hollywood Tower of Terror

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World

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Hideaway by Penelope Douglas

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Hideaway by Penelope Douglas