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In today's technologically advanced day and age, more and more people choose to telecommute, or work from home.

Basement finishing tips: What kind of space to select

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5 Decorating Tips that Will Brighten Your Basement

Having a bar right below your apartment is a luxury that not every person can afford. This is why you have an empty basement in your home and it is haunted then the time to create the best bar in the city has come.

This article contains main requirements for basement renovations to help you make your home renovation easier and safer.

Synthetic rubber is made by polymerization of different petroleum based precursors that are known by the name monomers. The most widely used synthetic rubbers are styrene-butadiene rubbers.

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New Finished Basement by Guy Solomon Team

Best Solution to Enjoy the Hardwood Look in your Basement

Easy Tips to Create a Perfect Basement Bedroom

​A lot of people after some time of leaving in a house feel that there is not enough space for them. And this is exactly the time when they start looking at the renovation of the basement space.

The main idea of this press release is to inform the potential customers that Penguin Basements, LTD is a leading contraction company on Toronto market when it comes to the basement renovation.