He makes it look so easy! Say dance isn't a sport I dare you. You football players, lift this girl with one hand and not let her fall, AND make it look effortless

michael gross and jessica wolfrum . al sur del sur, choreography by Sabrina & Ruben Veliz .  by sandro

Luv this red dress too, OMG.I luv to dance, but I have learned to Tango! Oh yes, loving my Tango classes!

Argentine tango

Argentine tango - this reminds me of Omaha and my old boss who had a dance floor in our office and did the Argentine Tango all day!


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Tango dance lessons Scottsdale - I just want to feel again the way she looks on her face


Ballroom and specifically Latin ballroom is the dance style I've always wanted to learn. It's crazy to be a dancer and still be nervous to try a different dance form!

well I'm impressed.

The Dancing Feeling, located in Warwick, Rhode Island is a full-service Social Dancing and Ballroom Dance Studio. Ballroom dancing RI at DF Dance Studio RI.


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