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Make a Sombrero from newspaper
Mexican Sombrero Craft
Make a Sombrero from newspaper
there are many lollipops on the stick with different colors and designs in them
Easter Egg Maracas – MADE EVERYDAY
Maracas from Plastic Easter Eggs #cincodemayo
a paper plate that has some designs on it and is in the shape of a star
Mexican Noise Maker | Activity |
Cinco de Mayo noise maker
the instructions for how to make an easy homemade popcorn bar with flowers and ribbons on it
May Day ideas for you PENNY
May Day basket from paper plates
a paper plate with a raccoon face on it
Paper Plate Raccoon Craft
Kissing Hand mask #craft Welcome to school, back to school, beginning of year #kindergarten #preschool
Shaving Cream Painting Play, Art, Rainy Day Activities, Winter, Sensory Play, Happenings, Shaving Cream Painting, Sensory, Icing
Shaving Cream Painting
five star shaped toothbrushes with writing on them and some straws in the middle
Story wands; the kids love to get a chance to explain each story element.
there are five hand magnets in front of a bottle that says wild's high five jam
Freebie Spot!
High Five Jar
there are many cupcakes in the yellow vase
Flowers for Mother's Day
mother's day flowers
three bookmarks with flowers on them sitting next to a bouquet of flowers and ribbons
Flower Bookmarks for Mom {Mother’s Day}
Mother's Day Bookmarks
two people laying on the ground in front of some colored circles and letters that spell out numbers
kate spade new york
Yard Twister! FUN!
a drawing of a girl with words written on her face and the caption below it
Welcome to Room 36!
Mother's Day Portraits
some paper cutouts are being used to make handprints for mother's day crafts
A cute hand print card idea for Mother's Day!
four cards that say to mommy if i love you because you read to me, you play games, you take me, you are the best mom
Two Quick and Easy Mother's Day Cards for Kids
Mother’s Day flip book.