grey, ash, gunmetal, graphite, slate, granite, cinereal, iron, granite & oyster.


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city of watercolor.

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| dan newcomb

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130+ Breathtaking Pencil Sketches

"celebration" | nicolas jamonneau

Celebration Art Print by Nicolas Jamonneau

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"solitude" | eric fan

Solitude by Eric Fan

"tanya" | sarolta bán

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| sarolta bán

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"helenium" | mandy disher

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baby shoes.

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"day 88/365" | ehk photography

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untitled | tracee murphy

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"desdemona" | denise worisch


"wild dark faeries" | Coliandre on DeviantArt

Wild Dark Faeries by Coliandre on DeviantArt

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japanese scissors.

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"my weimaraner jade" | GarretB on flickr

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"framed cat" | Dream-traveler on DeviantArt

Framed cat by Dream-traveler on DeviantArt

| atelje skogslyckan

Atelje Skogslyckan

"orsolya" | gezo bazso

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"i met a girl who sleeps with silver foxes" | laura makabresku

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"the seeds of wind" | natalia drepina

The seeds of wind by NataliaDrepina on DeviantArt

"freya" | loui jover

Saatchi Art Artist: Loui Jover; Ink 2014 Drawing "freya "

| andrzej kuziola

digital sculptures & 3d models

"snow queen portrait" | *RozennIlliano on deviantART

DeviantArt: More Like Snow Queen portrait by RozennIlliano