how to waterfall braid

who knew waterfall french braids were so easy. who knew waterfall french braids were so easy. who knew waterfall french braids were so easy.

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7 hairstyles for dirty hair

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Handmade Cosmetic Case

Handmade Spring Green, Pink, Blue

Handmade Spring Green, Pink, Blue, and Orange Beauty Fold Up Case, Travel Case…

French Braid

If you know how to french braid, you're golden! French braid one side into the middle and secure it with bobby pins. Then french braid the other side until it meets with the side already pinned, and pin them together!

waterfall braid

Purple waterfall braid love the color

French Braided Hair Tutorial

French Braided Bun Hair Tutorial - Hairstyles and Beauty Tips


Messy Fishtail Braid for Long Hair. To get this look take your standard fish tail braid, connect it with a hair tie and pull it apart for this loose casual look.

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Trends I love: Hair Color Melting

dark hair with blonde highlights like Kate Beckinsale? Oh and I love the curls!