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I've had many loved ones who passed come to me in lucid dreams explaining how "ok" they are and laugh at how caught up in ego we are. They tried to explain how none of it matters and how the whole earthly experience is about just being and loving. 🌌

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Many folks question me about how I handle is mine, and nothing good will come out of telling them will help me! I refuse to get involved with those who cannot, and will not, understand!. Only those who have been where I have will get it....

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Best and Funny Friendship Quotes . Only for best friends

Thank you my sweet friends~True friends intentionally step outside of their own world to sincerely ask and find out... what's going on in someone else's life. - I kept this here, the words of the previous pinner, because I feel the same way. Thank you

Be You, little one, for you are truly unique and beautiful. We are with you in spirit. Namaste'

A Wife's Prayer For Her Husband

A Wife's Prayer For Her Husband ~ In the midst of all the pins bashing their husbands, pray for him!