Crazy Faces

Here are some preschool/playgroup activities to extend your enjoyment of 'Hey! is that how God made me?'
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Printable face playdough mats Fimo, Kids, Minis, Kinder, Uman, Fun, Knutselen, Sanat, Kropp
People Play Dough Mats - Free Printable!
Printable face playdough mats
the book cover for dynamitetes music, with an image of children surrounded by musical instruments
'DynaMites Music Year 1 Terms 1&2' includes songs and picture book suggestions to complement 'Hey! Is that how God made me?'
a little boy laying in the grass with a speech bubble saying hey is that how god made me?
Login - Christian Education Publications
My first board book. Hey - why not do some crazy face crafts to go with the book?
paper plate ear shaped like a pair of scissors on top of a wooden table with blue string
Listening Ears Craft {Easy, Effective, Paper Plate Craft for Kids}
Big ears
Perfect for playgroup morning tea. Silly, Kiddos, Moustache, Fun Kids Food, Cool Kids, Fun Crafts
Quick Craft: Silly Moustache Straws - Inner Child Fun
Perfect for playgroup morning tea.
Magazine collage art faces. Like drawing the mustache on the model's face only more creative but just as fun! Collage Art, Recycling, Collage, Middle School Art, Magazine Collage, Magazine Art, Collage Art Projects, Magazines For Kids, Face Collage
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Magazine collage art faces. Like drawing the mustache on the model's face only more creative but just as fun!
four popsicles with pictures of people on them are arranged in the shape of toothpicks
Popsicle Stick Photo Puzzles With Mix-and-Match Faces
Clever twist on popsicle stick photo puzzles. Use Photoshop to make all the photos the same size, so when kids play with the puzzles, they can switch around their eyes and other facial features with each other’s.
a paper plate shaped like a mouth on a wooden stick with the teeth painted red
Teeth Theme Day
Decorate half a paper plate or let the kids add squares of white paper to a piece of red paper cut like a mouth.
a child's face is made up of photos
Hockney mixed up faces
Fun with self portraits and photography.
Homemade Face Paint Recipe
Play Recipes for Kids
Homemade Face Paint Recipe
a pair of eye masks sitting on top of a table
Egg Carton Goggles | Activity |
God made my eyes.
an image of a child's face on a metal tray with stickers around it
Funny Faces with Magnet Sheets from Silouhette!
Funny faces magnetic game: use pics of kids.
a baby with a fake moustache on it's face is laying down
Kid's Crafts Archives | Woo! Jr. Kids Activities : Children's Publishing
Is that how God made my nose?
a child's face is painted with multicolored paint and paper collages
Kids Art Market
Picasso faces
several plastic hair clips with faces on them sitting on a wooden table next to each other
Make Your Homework A Child's Play
Play-Dough Accessories -use outlet covers to make facial features for the kids to build with when working with play dough
a paper plate with multiple images of people's faces on it, including one woman's face and two men's eyes
Funny Face Paper Plate Mask Craft
Funny Face Paper Plate Mask Craft
the outline of a pear on a white background, with one side cut out to look like
Lesson Plans
Mr. Potato head outline
worksheet for children to learn how to draw and color the animal faces with pictures
the teacher wife
Mr. Potato Head printable.
four paper plates with faces drawn on them
Paper Plate Emotion Masks
Emotion Face masks
a toy made out of toilet paper on a white background with a cord attached to it
Toilet Roll Binoculars Craft
God made my eyes
a paper cut out of a person standing on top of a block
How to Make Your Own Printable Paper Dolls, Clothes, and Accessories
Body template
free printable blank faces for kids to use in crafts and crafts, such as paper cutting
Free Printable for Kids – Blank Faces - U Create
a person holding a pencil in their hand and drawing on paper with different people's faces
Blank Faces Coloring Page 2.0 - Dabbles & Babbles
three different faces with the words, my face and my face in black ink on them
Blank Face Template Pack
Printable blank faces. Cute.
Get the kids to draw their face with a transparency and a mirror. Awesome results! Elementary Art, Children, Childrens Art, Kids Art Projects, Homeschool Art, School Art Projects
traced portraits
Get the kids to draw their face with a transparency and a mirror. Awesome results!
four pictures of children's faces on clipboards with magnets attached to them
Flickr Find: Chalkboard Clipboard DIY
A chalkboard paint face on a clipboard.
a person is drawing on some paper with their hair cut out to look like the faces of people
Drawing Faces Printable {Kids Activity Pages}
an apple, orange and blueberry face made out of fruit
Faces for morning tea.
the outline of an animal's head is shown
Christmas Craft for Kids, Easy and Cheap
Elf Ears template. Stick them to a headband or hat elastic.
Elf ears headband Doodle, Cosplay, Christmas Elf Ears, Elf Hair, Hobbit Party, Elven Princess, Monster Costumes, Horn Headband, Elf Costume
Elven Princess or Christmas Elf Ears Headband!
Elf ears headband
two children with fake mustaches on their mouths [12]
Mouths and mustaches
the book cover for funny faces by missie krissie
Tuesday Freebies! Funny faces for kids
Printable face craft - how easy.
a wooden box with an apple watch and other items in it on a white background
Stamp set
a tin with a face drawn on it sitting next to another tin that has the lid open
my fourth day of tins.....
Draw different facial features and glue magnets on the back. Children can make funny faces in a cake tin.