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My dreams now are polar opposites of my childhood dream... I was gonna be a radio city rockette and a professional dancer on dwts... Now i just want to be in a quartet and get enough sleep at night 😂😂😂😂

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I would add "the peaceful" to this list! And say the enthusiastic instead of excited! I would say that I got all of these in one, though. She's my best friend.

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I tell myself this everyday. When you've been verbally abused for years by someone you love, it leaves you feeling worthless. But it does get better when you finally get the courage to leave. You slowly start to mend yourself. Don't ever give up.

Her intuition was her favorite superpower. - Yup, either everyone are really bad liars, or my intuition is just really that good. I pay attention to every little detail you don't think you're showing, I see it, and I recognize it. Good luck to you! :]

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