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Giuseppe Franchini

Giuseppe Franchini
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Inherent Truth - Geometric style tattoo on the...

‘Inherent Truth’ - Geometric style tattoo on the right forearm. Tattoo artist: Mowgli Obsessed with the pattern and simplicity of this. I want to research more of the meanings and variety

The tattooist known simply as Roxx adorns clients with minimalist geometric designs that sprawl across their arms, chests, and legs. Created using only black ink, the San Francisco-based artist incorporates bold lines and complex shapes—resembling wire or machinery—that contour a person’s body, making them seem like they’re a partial cyborg. Roxx started her tattoo career 30 years ago, and like any artist, her style has evolved over time. She began in the 1980s by inking tribal designs onto…

Gorgeous Geometric Tattoos by Roxx Californian tattoo artist Roxx created gorgeous geometric tattoos inspired by infinite patterns found in nature. Composed entire in black, the complicated nature of.

Mandala Sleeve Tattoo - 30+ Intricate Mandala Tattoo Designs <3 <3

I am getting my first tattoo this xmas. Bff feather foot tattoo w friend. LOVE this style. With room to put either a favourite saying or the name of a loved one, preferably family (my daughter's name)