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the scissor of censorship

The worst thing about censorship


This is what you do


Censored on Facebook: An anatomical drawing of a vulva was posted for educational purposes to help women get to know their bodies, learn the proper terms, as a learning tool for their children if need be. Within 3 hours, the photo was removed and the account was banned for 30 days. Read the open letter to Facebook.


Pinterest censorship

david siepert censored dresses 02


Why is it so easy to forget?

Conceptual Art: the Free Speech Monument was censored. How ironic!

Censored Photos

I was just informed that one of my pins was taken down. Censorship is not cool. So this will be the board full of stuff that I put up that pintrest feels should be censored.

Dedroidify: Forbidden Library: Censorship Quotes

Found on a Russian site...."Censorship tells the wrong story..."

Please do not censor Pinterest, people find beauty and inspiration in different places ♥

Fibet Will Be Tree: to beat Chinese censors.


Painting by Anders Zorn (1917). Removed by facebook.

Banned pic on facebook

Removed by facebook

Pinterest continues to ban nipples - like this poster supporting the fight against breast cancer.

Ulysses conceived by Dora García a copy of James Joyce’s Ulysses, published before 1978, perfectly cut on a precise angle, numbered and signed by the artist. The work comes from a previous piece that García produced in 1999 and confronts state of censorship and limitation of freedom. She says: "Ulysses comes from a quote by Allen Ruppersberg, 'a book is the perfect sculpture, a beautiful volume where time passes by

Censorship sucks. #pinterest #censorship

  • Keyser Soze
    Keyser Soze


Pinterest says this is "objectionable or risque content" - in what way?