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Nor does it make me a hooligan, gangsta, dirty, slutty (man-whore), or any more of a sinner than I already am. Don't quote the bible on me. So taking things out of context to try and say that I shouldn't get a tattoo or a piercing doesn't work.

Why intelligent people have tattoos.

Why Intelligent People Have Tattooing. So true and timing in its wisdom. ~ So what’s next? I haven’t decided yet… ‘cannot be lost, borrowed or stolen’ 'the art has been patronised by all ranks and.

love well put!

I need to remember this. Jesus is the ultimate lifeguard. Remember that next time you feel like you are drowning under the weights/pressure of life. Feel anxious - depressed - sad - lose someone you love? Take refuge in the arms of YOUR Lord.

All. The. Time.

Texting funny humor Mentally responding to a text and then forgetting to respond to it. I do it all the time!


Meme: THINK while it's still legal. [image description: White text on black rectangular background. of rectangle comprised of the word "THINK". Beneath that the words "while it's still legal"]