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Pallets Outdoor - Sofa and Table on Casters - from 99 Pallets

Pallet furniture - even if you spend hours behind Home Depot scurrying off with pallets, and get your man to haul it all home in his truck, and leave it set in your backyard for a few weeks, and you probably won't get to it, and.....even after if you do all that work....its not going to look like this at all.  Dream on pallet princess.

We started building our Pallet furniture yesterday!

Pot 100 récup en bois de palettes

100 % récup pour ce pot qui accueille mon hibiscus... - Le grenier de Jadis.....

For ferns on front porch, but smaller

Pallet sofa. Secure all of the pieces together, paint, then add the cushions of your choice!

A good way to add arms to a pallet sofa

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Brico: Jardinera con palets

Reciclaje con palets y cajas, Reciclatge amb palets i caixes, Recycling pallets…

This might be cute as a mailbox for the hallway! Just split the pallet into sections for the childs box

Pallet Planter

Pallet window box- paint white or black instead of stain


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