Comment présenter des crudités et des fruits sur un buffet ?

Use peppers to hold dip on vegetable tray. I always make or purchase a veggie tray for holidays. This tray looks so much better with dip in a pepper rather than a container! another good idea.

Tzatziki de concombre : Recette de Tzatziki de concombre - Marmiton

Tzatziki de concombre

This page contains cucumber dip recipes. Making a cool refreshing dip by including cucumbers.

Rillettes de carottes

In September 2014 Warp travels to Poland to celebrate it’s anniversary in the heart of Krakow.

Idée: Macaron de champignons de Paris. Deux chapeaux fourrés de fromage ou Crème aux herbes. Pas de recette.

Macaron de champignons de Paris (Macaron made with button mushrooms!

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