John F. Kennedy Jr. at a Knicks game, 1994

Eye Candy: John F. peruses the Daily News during a quiet moment at a New York Knicks game in Madison Square Garden, (Photo Keith Torrie/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)

Audrey Hepburn in flight.

Audrey Hepburn reading on board an Air France airliner, Air France opened with a formal ceremony its new air terminal in Orly in 1956 and the company had an idea to use their world-famous.


Singer/actor Frank Sinatra (Ol' Blue Eyes), was born on Dec. He died on May CMFB

air travel

1960 airline interior Photo: John Rawlings-we really are packed like cattle now.look at that cabin. it was so sleek and it's all about function over form, packing as many people and things in as possible :(