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Hahaha! I Would Definitely Have Done This Is Hunter Hayes Was Around When I Was In Public School :D

Hayniac Moment who does not exepct when i start singing then i just stop

No Hunter Hayes, YOU'RE all I ever wanted! / funny stuff -if you know all the words to this song you're awesome

This is sad but... I will .. unless your my family... then no but you get what I mean

Never EVER dis a girls favorite singer/band, she can tear your head off instantaneously if your not careful, she will defend them with her all!

XD (edit by Autumn Cox) hmm I think they meant part 1 of chapter 1 pocket edition.

I finally felt that to day and my mom just turned the volume up and I lung busted through the whole song

Hunter Hayes hahaha so true

So last night I webt to Hunter Hayes concert and now I don't have s vocie! I am not sad about that at all