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"Drying Himself swimmer, Berlin Olympics in by 'Bruce Sargeant'. Artist Mark Beard (born works in a variety of distinctive different artistic styles for which, he has created separate personas. His 'Sargeant' works are more Cent Academy-style pieces.

Robert C. Rore - b.1954

Narcissos, by Robert C. Rore Oil on Canvas, 2001 WV 3483

Kris Knight  Parvenu (The Historical Rise of the Art Jock) 2011 Oil on Canvas 36x48"

Kris Knight - Parvenu (The Historical Rise of the Art Jock ) 2011 Oil on Canvas Private Collection

"Two Naval Officers Shooting the Sun", by McClelland Barclay (1941). The junior officer on the right is using a sextant to take a navigational reading, a task referred to aboard ship as "shooting the sun." Before the days of global positioning, sailors used a sextant to measure the angle between the horizon and the noontime sun and thereby help determine latitude. The painting depicts a sun-drenched male ideal of refined, well-bred officers enjoying privilege.

Art Posters -Two Naval Officers Shooting the Sun, by McClelland Barclay, oil on canvas, 1941

Alfred Leslie

Alfred Leslie-NY Artist and Film-Maker on New York Art World®