Simple yet very effective scar coverage ( #mastectomytattoo #scarcoverage

We all have scars in different places. This beautiful tattoo covers mastectomy and drain scars. mastectomy tattoo, scar coverage

Canines with a very different kind of line art. Leverage this style for any type of animal or image for a clever, unique #mastectomy #tattoo. []

Geometric, crystalline take on the classic tree leaf or vine. Forward-thinking idea for a #mastectomy #tattoo. []

Gorgeous mastectomy tattoo, scar coverage The pop of pink is gorgeous! So much strength in this photo!

We at received this note in the mail. Inspiring work, Helen! "I live in Mallorca Spain and was inspired by your Facebook page to have my scars covered in a butterfly tattoo. After 3 years of surviving I can now face the mirror again. Thank you for the inspiration." Artist: Jaume Espases, Palmaink, Mallorca. Photo: Samantha Hemsley. []

Side view of this beautiful work of art. This artwork helps to hide the scars after Karen Lazarovitz' s prophylactic bilateral mastectomy. The artwork is by Meaghan Loeb of Montreal Canada. P.INK

This beautiful floral tattoo adores the scars of a fellow BRCA sister, Karen Lazarovitz. Great addition to the gallery. Meaghan Goeb of Montreal Canada is the very talented artist.

Natural blackwork with terrific flow for an empowering mastectomy tattoo. Gorgeous. Survivor: Nadia Cimino. Photographer: Justin McManus. Source: Sydney Morning Herald. []

Floral cups for a feminine and empowered look. From The Age: "Alyson Anderson sat for 3.5 hours for her breasts to be decorated with a design of lotus flowers and lilies." []

Could make a fantastic mastectomy tattoo or scar covering tattoo. ( )

Matti Pikkujämsä. These soothing, creative colors and shapes can inspire an abstract pattern for a #mastectomy #tattoo. []

#tattoo #lace_tattoo

David Allen's mastectomy tattoos are some of the most elegant floral pieces on earth. He was one of our Day Milwaukee 2014 artists and we're lucky to call him a friend. Check him out at and

Love these lilys and the bold red! Great mastectomy tattoo total scar coverage. ( )

Roses and thorns - could tell a great story while covering scars. Mastectomy tattoo ( )

Pink ribbon mastectomy tattoo! Great idea to "hide" scars. ( )

Now this is what "owning it" looks like. Here's a full chest piece from Minneapolis Day / #pinktattooday 2014 at Twilight Tattoo, when six artists helped six breast cancer survivors heal with ink. Our survivor was so excited about her #mastectomy #tattoo that she wanted us to share it with you all. And it's a serious piece of work. Artist: Joseph Andrew of Evolution Tattoo. Great work. []

Dragonfly and flowers. This would be a great mastectomy tattoo - also great for covering scars! ( )

Rachel reached out with her story: "I was diagnosed at the age of 53, I had a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction. After which I had nipple tattoos by the plastic surgeon which I was not happy with, so my daughter talked me into getting new tattoos done. A friend is a tattoo artist -- her name is Mallory Perine from Headlight Tattoo in Woodstown NJ. She was very considerate of my privacy and patient, kind with me being very uncomfortable getting these tattoos." Go Rachel! []

Buzzfeed: 29 Things You Never Knew About Nipples. Featuring Ashley Love's mastectomy tattoo for Mari on the first #pinktattooday, NYC October 2013. []

The Ensō is an unfinished ink circle. "It symbolizes absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and the void; it can also symbolize the Japanese aesthetic itself. As an "expression of the moment" it is often considered a form of minimalist expressionist art." - David Ceng / Beautiful simple option for nipple replacement or mastectomy tattoo. []

Flowing, colorful, creative inspiration for a mastectomy tattoo. By Matt Angel at The Tattoo Shop, Albany, GA. []

Beautiful sketch of a chest tattoo. Mastectomy tattoo and scar coverage ( ) Day "artists we love" series, #20 of 37: DAVID ALLEN. Here's his mastectomy tattoo work for Day MKE on 10/10/2014. At we have a firm belief that there is no better person to start a religion, smuggle your Bibles or tattoo a masterful portrait than Mr. David Allen of David Allen Tattoo in Chicago. Check this portfolio and book him now: At his site you're likely to see some of the better known mastectomy tattoos on the web. Photo by Tammy Caltagiro...