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Simple, one-pin profiles of some of our favorite breast cancer survivors and tattoo artists.
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S.P. from Germany shares how P.INK inspired her to get a breast tattoo: "In May 2013 I decided to tell the disease 'You don't have to come back again! Your place is already occupied!' In a special way... So at least a bad thing turned out to be a good piece of art." If you have a story to share, we'd love to hear from you [].


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“I got a tattoo because I wanted to make something beautiful out of what I saw as no longer beautiful. I also couldn’t stomach the idea of having nipples that were going to be nothing like my old ones.” Breast cancer survivor Jessica shares her post-mastectomy tattoo story at #breastcancer


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Breast cancer survivor Ann Marie Otis [] has a great story. "I came back from the mastectomy and a flower that should have been done blooming was still in full bloom." Pass it on. []


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