"Great Victorian era Gothic Revival Church Trinity Episcopal" ~ This is one of the few if not only survivors of the pre civil war era in Ridgeland, South Carolina.

Old Irish church.   ;)

Let Us Celebrate the Architecture of Spirituality

Church in the Snow - near Lake Tahoe - California site - USA

White Christmas, Church in the snow, near Lake Tahoe, of my most favorite places in the world!

Rabbit Hill, Alberta, Canada

Johns Lutheran Church, Rabbit Hill, Alberta, Canada ~Hallelujah how pretty!

Interior of Unitarian Church in Charleston, South Carolina

Unitarian Church, Charleston, South Carolina it's like lace on the ceiling! I want to see this someday soon.


This is my favorite color of church! ~ The Victorian Mission Church - from Bringsty Common Herefordshire. Originally built in Now located at Avoncroft Museum, Bromsgrove, UK.

Svojkov, Czech Republic

Rock chapel, a place of pilgrimage carved from sandstone in the Valley of Modlivy dul, Svojkov, Czech Republic. In Sandstein gegrabene Felsenkapelle: Betgraben bei Schwoika (Böhmen)

Here is a photo of the other side of the abandoned Russian church of Krasnaya Lyaga. Reportedly it was built in 1655.

Church in just one of many abandoned Russian villages, scattered across huge Russia. People simply leave for cities where they can earn more, and thousands of Russian wooden architecture masterpieces, sometimes more than 200 years old, stay by their own.

Calvary Presbyterian Church - Bolinas  Photographed in Marin County, California

Calvary Presbyterian Church Calvary Presbyterian Church - Bolinas Photographed in Marin County, California

Little Chapel in Guernsey

Saint Andrew "The Little Chapel", decorated by broken pieces of colored glass, in a rural part of Guernsey, Channel Islands (a British Crown dependency in the English Channel, off the coast of Normandy) ~ 17 Astonishing Photos

Amazing Snaps: Heddal stave church | See more

Heddal stave church (Heddal stavkirke) is located at Heddal in Notodden municipality, Norway. It is Norway’s largest stave church.

Yosemite Valley Chapel in Snow Storm

Christmas Wonderland - Yosemite Valley Chapel adorned in Christmas decorations during a snow storm - Yosemite National Park, California