Great Ones Contest - Winners & Finalists

Petco is honoring great pet parents like you. Tell us why you are a great one and you could win up to $50,000 for yourself and $50,000 for a rescue! Visit to enter.

Great Ones Contest - Winners & Finalists

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GRAND PRIZE WINNER: 1st Place. $50,000 - Two Best Friends. Submitted by Brent M. Madison, AL

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  • Julie Goodrich
    Julie Goodrich

    Wonderful song and story- bravo !

  • Patti Touzinsky
    Patti Touzinsky

    What 2 great buddies ♥. I love the story of how each of you found each other. CONGRATULATIONS.

  • Blair Rendle
    Blair Rendle

    Petco needs to buy that song for their commercials. Beautifully done

  • Mary McNally
    Mary McNally

    Congratulations! I'm a cat person, but your dogs won me over. :)

  • Jozi

    Congratulations! I LOVED your video from the beginning!

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WINNER: 2nd Place. $25,000 - MC Wilbur and DJ Pinky present Petco Great Ones Rap. Submitted by Elizabeth E. Lexington, KY

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  • Bella Pacheco
    Bella Pacheco

    Loved the video!

WINNER: 3rd Place. $5,000 - SPANKY: From Laboratory Cage to Life Coach. Submitted by Shannon W. Sherman Oaks, CA

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  • Laura Marcelletti
    Laura Marcelletti

    Omg this video has me bawling. Thanks for sharing your story and saving spanky, so sweet.

WINNER: 4th Place. $5,000 - Chapter 13. Submitted by Faye K. Venetia, PA

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WINNER: 5th Place. $5,000 - Great Ones for Giles. Submitted by Lachlan C. Virginia Beach, VA

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  • Karen Risser
    Karen Risser

    I am sorry for the loss of your pet. Thank you for making the video.

MC Wilbur and DJ Pinky present Petco Great Ones Rap. Submitted by Elizabeth E. Lexington, KY

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  • Mary Hammons
    Mary Hammons cute!

  • Rachel Cruz
    Rachel Cruz

    Love this!!

  • Team Sanders
    Team Sanders

    Love it!

  • Heather Harrold
    Heather Harrold

    We are so excited!!! THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US AT KPR AND THE PUGS!!!

  • Mary Hammons
    Mary Hammons

    What an awesome gift!!!

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SPANKY: From Laboratory Cage to Life Coach. Submitted by Shannon W. Sherman Oaks, CA

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  • Bibi On
    Bibi On


The Greatest Family Tree. Submitted by Joseph B. Los Angeles, CA

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My "Kwabbies". Submitted by Zachary E. Jackson, MS

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  • Karen Risser
    Karen Risser

    Very impressive, Tiffany. I bet you have some of the happiest pets. I know more about crabs now.

Love of a Senior Dog. Submitted by Candice S. Calabasas, CA

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  • Beatriz Huereca
    Beatriz Huereca

    Wonderful video. Love it

  • Anna Robles
    Anna Robles

    Love everything about this Video. I cry and smile.

Need a helping hand? How about a paw?. Submitted by Debbie L. Charlotte, NC

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Jack the Great. Submitted by Nicole and Trey L. San Francisco, CA

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  • Anna Robles
    Anna Robles

    I adore your story and all the joy that Jack has brought in your life. I could see it in your eyes that genuine and unconditional love.

Angel’s Story – Canine Cancer Survivor. Submitted by Kristie S. Metairie, LA

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It's Complicated... with Dean. Submitted by Diane W. Laramie, WY

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  • Corry Watkins
    Corry Watkins

    What a wonderful message!! Thankyou for putting this out there. Not many people realize how difficult some pets are to cate for until they are knee deep in trouble. You are a wonderful tortoise mom!!!

So I Raised Merit. Submitted by Kelsey M. Waunakee, WI

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  • Anna Robles
    Anna Robles

    I love this video and the title was great. Merit simply stol my heart.

The Koa Song. Submitted by Lauren M. Houston, TX

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  • Chana Staples
    Chana Staples

    I watched all of these and they are great and dont you hate when people abuse dogs

The Dogfather. Submitted by Dave S. St. Louis, MO

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  • Susan Basnight
    Susan Basnight

    what a wonderful thing you do. may God bless you richly!

Life of Otis. Submitted by Douglas B. Denver, CO

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Not Your Average Modern Family. Submitted by Courtney K. Boonsboro, MD

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  • Siobhan Connellan
    Siobhan Connellan

    Sweetest people on the planet! Love you and your brood, Court!

  • Jessica Garruto
    Jessica Garruto

    As always, I'm amazed by your generous heart and un-ending energy! :) xoxoxo

  • paulette vallieres
    paulette vallieres

    Truly amazing. Thanks for sharing and hope you can keep up this wonderful work!

  • Jamie Swinehart
    Jamie Swinehart

    So how do you vote for them?

  • paulette vallieres
    paulette vallieres

    Not sure.

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Nova’s Great One. Submitted by Dawna A. Duvall, WA

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Love, Trust and Respect. Submitted by James O. Vienna, VA

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  • Kathy Feininger
    Kathy Feininger

    You are an amazing man. Thank you for all that you do!

  • Jamie McTaggart
    Jamie McTaggart

    ^^What Kathy said! So many people could learn so much from you! ^^

It All Started With Marigold. Submitted by Karen D. San Diego, CA

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  • Anna Robles
    Anna Robles

    The world needs more people like you.

Fiona… Life is Good! Submitted by Roy S. Port Washington, NY

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Meet Sage... Submitted by Sunit J. Grayslake, IL

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From Certain Death. Submitted by Laurin B. Fairfield, CT

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