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book mobiles

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Österöy i Norge, Coman Manufacturing Sweden AB, Maxilectrik, Maxiraider, Multirider, Bengtsfors, Sweden

Coman Manufacturing Sweden AB, Minibussar, Låggolvsbussar, Färdtjänstfordon, Bokbussar, Elbussar, Biogasbussar, Maxilectrik, Maxiraider, Multirider, Bengtsfors, Sweden

Bibliocamello, Kenya -- Living in the middle of a desert makes it difficult to access culture fortunately library Kenya has found a way to make things easier nine caravans consisting of three camels books each, travel the Northeast.

NATIVO DIGITAL: [ARTICLE] El servicio de biblioteca móvil

5 Great Books about Bookmobiles from Book I'm not sure if CBRL has any of these books but we do have 2 awesome bookmobiles. And off the top of my head one book which is not on the list: The Night Bookmobile by Audrey Niffenegger.

5 Great Books about Bookmobiles

The land of 10,000 lakes now has a floating library | Star Tribune

The land of 10,000 lakes now has a floating library

Swedish mobile library meet 2014 Bokbusspersonalen är på konferens med kollegor från Norden i #Falkenberg. /Hanna & Liz #mobilamöten

Twitter / lulebib: Bokbusspersonalen är på ...

Waiting for the Bookmobile eyeofthetaurus: Milton Rogovin

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Bookmobile Bad Girl - She gave it away all over town!

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An Airstream Ingeniously Repurposed into a Library | Poetic Home

FryskLab, Mobile Library FabLab

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SAPL Unveils Brand New Library Learning Van for Children and Teens

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▶ Biblioburro - YouTube

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© Radio Bremen/Bernd Meiners Bicycle librarian of Mongolia

Erlesene Welten | ARTE

▶ Ford Transit modded into mobile library - YouTube

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The 10 Weirdest And Most Wonderful Libraries In The World | LitReactor #6 Epos Book Boat

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DANDO LA LENGUA: BIBLIOMOTOCARROBIBLIOMOTOCARRO Antonio La Cava es un maestro jubilado protagonista de una hermosa historia: ha comprado una motocicleta, la ha modificado y conduce por los pueblos de Basilicata, en Italia, promocionando la lectura entre los niños. Él la llama "bibliomotocarro".


Camel mobile library, Mongolia. Green eggs & ham!

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BPTL Picasso 4

Bookmobile + Picasso = Amazing - BOOK RIOT

Bookstore in a train-car - Boing Boing

Bookstore in a train-car

Seattle Public Library Puts Books on Bikes

Seattle Public Library Puts Books on Bikes

Mobile libraries, Sweden

Bubblan är utvärderad

The “adventure area” of this mobile library from Heilbronn, Germany contains free-form shelves, brightly colored reading mats, and cozy seating. Designers aimed to emphasize the natural lines and dynamic environment of the bookmobile.

The Most Playful Libraries in the World

back2 Found along U.S. Route 101 on the Olympic Peninsula by Aaron Schmidt

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The Queens (N.Y.) Library book bus brings books to patrons in the Rockaway Peninsula, Long Island, where the library branches were damaged by Superstorm Sandy.

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