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Boise, ID  ·  Winner of the Christian Writers Guild's 2011 Operation First Novel contest. History is the passion. Historical Fiction is the game.
Peter R. Leavell
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Gorgeous 3D animations showcase the ancient city of Babylon (in Mesopotamia) in its architectural peak in 6th century BC.

Reconstruction of the ancient city of Babylon was created by me between March and May of 2013 for the Mesopotamia exhibition of the Royal Ontario Museum.

Babylon    , the old area called Mesopotamia, originally known as Sumer, and later as Sumer and Akkad, lies between the rivers Eufrat and Tiger, south of Baghdad today. The Babilonian civilization, between 18 BC sec and 6 BC,  was like the Sumerian one that preceded it, with urban characteristics, although based on agriculture. The kingdom was composed of about 12 towns surrounded by villages.

Disclosing Knowledge from the Sumerian Tablets - The Sumerians were highly evolved for their time and are known for starting the first civilization and building the first settlements worthy of being called cities.

Map of the Babylonian Empire (606-535 BC.)

Map of The Neo-Babylonian Empire During Old Testament Times. The map shows the Babylonian Empire during its greatest extant during the Neo Babylonian Period in 580 BC.