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The Los Angeles #advertising and #digital agency directory. I've included each agency's core positioning statement. An instructive perspective on agency-speak…
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L.A.'s leading integrated fashion, lifestyle and luxury marketing agency. Ladies Choice, Im A Lady, Pool Fashion, Comfortable Wedges, Striped Towels, Slipper Shoes, Womens Uggs, Women Swimsuits, Womens Swimwear
A Creative Agency
L.A.'s leading integrated fashion, lifestyle and luxury marketing agency.
the website for we know la culture is displayed in front of a group of people
We Design LA - Los Angeles' Leading Full-Service Digital Agency
We Design L.A. A Los Angeles digital design agency. "We Design LA is a fully-integrated digital agency that helps lifestyle inspired businesses stand out."
a white brick wall with three black lamps on it and the words results are everything
SEM Agency - Results Are Everything
HawkSEM. Los Angeles digital / PPC / SEM marketing. "HawkSEM helps companies dramatically improve their marketing results through ROI-driven strategies that make clients smile. Smiling is a very good thing."
an abstract black and white background with the word threadad on it's left side
THREAD - One Decentralized Clinical Trial Platform
Thread. Orange County, CA. A digital healthcare agency focused on the creation of digital brand assets, product launches and event-based customer experiences. From @threadtalks... "THREAD is a digital-first creative agency in the healthcare space. We specialize in moving clients and brands through the tech continuum to drive customer value."
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Oxford Road
Oxford Road. A Los Angeles advertising agency that isn't the usual advertising agency. From the agency website, a nice take on their difference: http://oxfordroad.com/difference/
an image of a website page with people sitting at desks and working on computers
Sidebench | LA's Top Mobile App, Web & Software Development Studio
Sidebench Studios. Los Angeles. Mobile interactive agency. "@sidebench Mobile-focused strategy, design, and development."
the website is designed to look like it has many different things on it, including an image
PITCH | Advertising Agency | Los Angeles
The Pitch. Los Angeles advertising agency. Super name (especially for pitch-laden LA. From Twitter; "@Krampus We don't talk about ideas. We create ideas worth talking about."
an image of a website page with many different things on it, including the logo
MC Squared {A Fully Integrated Marketing and Communications Agency}
MC Squared. Los Angeles & Hong Kong Advertising Agency. As they say @MC2_Agency "You know our clients, now get to know us. We are an integrated communications agency based in Los Angeles, CA." Hip folks. Dig the NIM ad.
the homepage for an organization that is using red and white colors to promote their work
Skiver Advertising | An Uncomplicated Ad Agency
Skiver Advertising. Newport Beach and Atlanta advertising agency. @stellinaskiveswithjoe Advertising An uncomplicated ad agency in Newport Beach, California"
two men in suits kissing each other on the cover of an article about obama and mitt romney
72andSunny. Los Angeles Advertising Agency. New home page 4/13. "@elizabeth 72andSunny is about making brands matter in culture. Clients include Activision, Carl’s Jr/Hardee’s, Samsung, Sonos, K-Swiss, and more...
the web page for pixtink's website, which is designed to look like it
pixinkdesign.com - Domain Name For Sale | Dan.com
Pixinc Design. Los Angeles Micro Agency Targets Women. "@AyeshaMathews Chief Pixel Bender"
the red wine agency homepage is displayed
Red Cup Agency
Red Cup. Santa Monica Digital Agency. "We use digital media to build a global narrative around your brand. We like startups. Lee Schneider (@docuguy) is our founder and creative director."
the website is designed to look like an old newspaper
Kindling Media
Kindling Media. Los Angeles Pre-Production."@kindlingmedia Advertising pre-production consultation, distribution, metrics, and analysis."
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JESS3. "@JESS3 We are a creative agency that specializes in data visualization and visual storytelling. We are expanding, join us! http://jess3.com/careers/" An agency kicking ass because they specialize and are riding the big data wave.
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thinkLA. "@thinkLA. thinkLA is a non-profit corporation, founded to promote Los Angeles as a leading center of creativity and innovation in media, marketing, and advertising."