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    Labrador Retrievers

    Labrador Retrievers

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    Dog lick....good idea, fill it with fruits and veggies. Shadow loves ice

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    mommy nooo #Labrador retrievers

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    • Bev Shuart McGinnis
      Bev Shuart McGinnis

      way too cute

    • Rosario Cirillo
      Rosario Cirillo


    Asleep Labrador Retriever

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    BISS Grand CH. Sureshot Hyspire Impressive, WC

    BISS Grand CH. Sureshot HySpire 8 Impressive,WC 8
    • Beth/Grammy Thornton
      Beth/Grammy Thornton

      I'm impressed!

    • Shauna George
      Shauna George

      My Hunter's great grand daddy :)

    Ch. Hyspire Texas Hold 'Em

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    • Elke Houser
      Elke Houser


    • Libby Combs
      Libby Combs

      So handsome!!!

    • Kelly Dibble
      Kelly Dibble

      Gorgeous dog!

    • Karen Benzel
      Karen Benzel


    • Angie Cornell
      Angie Cornell

      He looks so much like ours. LOVE....

    That face! (Labrador Retriever), Tristar's Curtsy

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    • Penny Bechtold
      Penny Bechtold

      Look at the lippers awe.

    My favorite yellow Labrador Retriever puppy, Tristar's Curtsy

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    • Kenneth Reeder
      Kenneth Reeder

      I have a yellow lab and I love him he's a great boy

    • CB Craftygirl
      CB Craftygirl

      We have a yellow lab as well...Izzy, love her to the moon and back :)

    Labrador Retrievers live to swim!

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    • Tina Marking
      Tina Marking

      My lab hates water, but loves snow. Is she bipolar?? :)

    • Tracy Burick
      Tracy Burick

      My girls just 'loves" to do anything! Including eating!

    • Jenny Shay
      Jenny Shay

      My girls swim even in the winter in icy water!

    • Nancy Baird
      Nancy Baird

      Tina; relax. Just love your Lab!

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    Labrador Retriever, he has feathers in his teeth

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    Labrador Retriever

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    • Nate Gordon
      Nate Gordon

      Labs are the best dogs you can have

    • Victor Brodt Author & Artist
      Victor Brodt Author & Artist

      My golden would bring confused doves into the house. No harm if I could only catch them before they got out of their stupor. -Always a retriever. VictorBrodt

    • Angela Brooks
      Angela Brooks

      I agree labs are the best and they have a wonderful heart I ♥ my 2 labs

    • Kim Hazelwood
      Kim Hazelwood

      Just her opinion, wow. I was a little GACK when I first saw it but got over it, who cares. But I have a brown lab I love and she can't exactly hunt in the city but she is SO loving and my best buddy..... And I just GOT her! She's so affectionate and funny. Stares at me, follows me... I've never seen a dog like this.

    • Victor Brodt Author & Artist
      Victor Brodt Author & Artist

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    my black Labrador Retriever puppy

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    • Lisa Hamburger-Watson
      Lisa Hamburger-Watson

      Just had to put our 12 yr old lab down this week. She looked like this!

    • anna freiberg
      anna freiberg

      So cute! Makes me miss when my black lab was this tiny. They are such sweethearts. ♥

    • Terri Ann Owens
      Terri Ann Owens

      Look at those paws what a sweet little baby .

    • Charlotte Moores
      Charlotte Moores

      Where did you get this picture? This is my dog as a puppy!

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    Puppy nap

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    Labrador Retriever puppy

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    Labrador Retriever

    Man's Best Friend, A Soldier's Too - A Place to Love Dogs

    Black Labrador Retrievers

    a place to love dogs

    Labrador guide dog puppy in training

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    Black Dog Labrador Retriever Canoe Ride original Graphic Art Giclee Print 12x12 Signed $39

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    • Ann George Monville
      Ann George Monville

      I've got a rug in my bathroom with this pic on it.

    Labrador greeting card designed by Stephen Huneck

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    Labrador Retriever

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    Labrador Retriever weathervane

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    Labrador Hessian Cushion

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    Labrador Retrievers, one in every color

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    • Sue Kruk
      Sue Kruk

      Oh yes, one of each. Thank doG there is only 3 colors.

    Labrador Love

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