10 technique tips for portraits

10 Techniques for Amazing Portraits

10 Techniques for Amazing Portraits: Tips from an experienced Wedding Photographer on Portrait Photography by San Diego Wedding photographer, Wayne Yuan . via digital-photography-school

Stunning Self-Portraits by a 17-Year-Old (18 photos)

Stunning Self-Portraits by a 17-Year-Old (18 photos)

Meet photographer Alex Stoddard, a 21 year old with incredible talent. Here is a look at many of his surreal and beautiful self-portraits and other photos.

Full of Grace – Grace Bol (Muse NYC) stars in Toto Cullen’s striking portraits wearing a mix of colorful designs and makeup. Styled by Andrea Perini, the designs of Karl Lagerfeld, Versace and Charles Anastase stand out with her elegant poses. / Makeup by Kristen Arnett


Hauntingly beautiful portraits of Grace Bol by photographer Toto Cullen.Via: Fashion Gone Rogue

1. Alter Your Perspective  Most portraits are taken with the camera at (or around) the eye level of the subject. While this is good common sense – completely changing the angle that you shoot from can give your portrait a real WOW factor.

10 Ways to Take Stunning Portraits

27 Beautiful Black and White Portraits - Digital Photography School

Beautiful b&w portraits from Gilles-Marie Zimmer (http://www.gmzimmermann.com/)

Gemma Ward - Gilles-Marie Zimmermann photography "Simply I Project"

Juxtapose Skull Portraits by Carsten Witte

Intuition by Carsten Witte is a series of photographs that displays the skull-painted faces of young and attractive women. The images are quite spooky to look at because of the black and white coloring and the deadpan expressions on the women’s faces.

Gorgeous Fashion Portrait stolen from @Cathie Heart's Tumblr - by http://www.etsy.com/shop/TomBanwell?ref=top_trail

Costume of goth hat, cuff, mask in black leather

self portrait www.rosiehardy.com/1145-personal-portfolio-self-portraits by Rosie Hardy www.rosiehardy.com/1144-personal-portfolio-home

Here’s a selection of Rosie Hardy‘s (a photographer based in Derbyshire, UK) self portraits from the 365 Days collection. One self portrait every day for a year.


Guys with tattoos = Hottt!

Looking glam as ever, Crystal Renn poses for a series of short yet sweet portraits photographed by Seth Sabal (Production Department). Wearing lingerie and cardigans, the American beauty wears a voluminous hairstyle and smoky eyes in the captivating photos.


Daily delight: Crystal Renn portrait by Seth Sabal