A white tiger with baby cub. The white tiger is not an albino as they simply carry a pigment that makes their fur white. White tigers are not easily hidden and have to work harder for their food. The white tiger is primarily found in India. ~Me

a dog enjoying cow kisses...too cute

27 Dogs Having The Time Of Their Lives

“How can you not be a happy, smiling dog when you get kisses from cows?


They Look So Natural


Some-kinda Birds (whatcha macallum) ~ Miks' Pics "Fowl Feathered Friends V"…

Photo by Lucas M. Bustamante

What a sassy frog! (Trachycephalus typhonius, Yasuni National Park in Ecuador - Photo by Lucas M.

hand cut type

WordS spoken thru CalligraphY of ART! Your Song by Antonius Bui // paper // cut out // script