Ecological Business Card

Brilliant Eco-Business Card Can Be Printed on Practically Anything...

Business card for Andrea Romani an environmental consultant. Design by Fischer Portugal: This is a great piece of marketing for the client because of the client's intention. Both clever and resourceful, since anything can become a business card.


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Fantastic Business Card!

Jackie & Kate for when they open their cheese shoppe! This business card for Benton Brothers Fine Cheese shop was die-cut from a paper stock with a smooth, almost waxy texture, so it looks and feels like a real piece of cheese.

bird cage

Creative folded pop-up business card concept. Looks like a bird in a cage; open it to free the bird and read contact details. Designed by: Sara Mantle Designed by: Sara Mantle

sandpaper business card

Cut business-card sized pieces of sand paper and use a stamp to mark the back. Use this idea with other unusual papers. Graphic-ExchanGE - a selection of graphic projects.

yoga mat

Yoga Mat Business Card A simple, yet very creative business card for Vancouver yoga center. The card rolls just like a yoga mat.