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Opal Cutting Machinery

Opal Miner & cutter/Jewelry designer 40 years. Author of 'Opal-An Australian Adventure' & movie 'About Opal' Leave message on any of the pins for free copies. Join the newsletter at:
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#opalmine DREMMEL STUFF - all the little wheels and gadgets you can use with a dremmel to make sure you get the best color out of boulder opal rough (particularly)

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#opalmine: Everything you need to know about obtaining rough opal,cutting,sanding,polishing it. Designing and selling opal jewelry

Opal jewelry,opal rings,opal pendants, direct from Opalmine

A brief video from to show you the basics of opal cutting. ask about our free opal cutting guide and how to get rough opal #opalmine

Opal Jewelry direct from the Opalmines - Opal Jewelry

#opalmine: wet grinding wheel machine with sanders and polishers both ends. For fashioning rough opal into specific shapes ready for setting in pendants and rings.leave a message for more details

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#opalmine: Different types and cutting shapes for gemstones. Mainly for faceted stones. Opal is usually cut with a dome but sometimes crystal opal is faceted. Leave a message for more details

boulder opal rough

#opalmine: Mini sanding tool for use with dremmel or flexidrive machines for opal carving. We call opals with hills and valleys, undulates. amazing stones.Leave a message for more details

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#opalmine: A brass micrometer used for making calibrations while wet grinding. specific sized calibrations can be fitted to pendants and rings which have been cast

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compact mini unit in a box. For slicing, grinding, sanding and polishing opal into shapes suitable for pendants and rings

crystal opal rough

a small professional 'all in one' unit good for portability. Opals can be cut, sanded and polished ready for jewelry with this machine

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A grinder, slicer, sander and polisher combined into one small machine. This can be taken anywhere where there is an electricity supply for opal processing

History of our Opal business

#opalmine: a professional diamond opal processing machine being made. These large machines are capable of bringing an opal from its rough mined state to completion as a jewelry piece

Yowah nut opal-opal jewelry

small diamond slicers with grinder/sanders which are more portable and able to be taken to the opal fields for on the spot opal processing

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A free hand diamond slicing machine. (no platform) used to slice rough opal to make it ready for the opal grinding process

Opal Facts

A flexidrive machine for opal carving using variable speed electrics. These machines are particularly helpful in carving boulder opal

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A modern professional diamond peripheral grinder, sander and polisher. Can be used on any gemstone but we focus on opal processing

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A diamond slicing machine platform style. This means that the opal can be rested on the platform as it is sliced. most prefer the free standing saws

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How to use an old electric motor as a sanding and polishing wheel. A very cheap way of beginning your opal cutting hobby

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Suggested design for home made opal cutting machine. This machine can be made by any handyman. you will produce opal gems very cheaply on this unit

Ten Things to keep in mind when buying Boulder Opal

Side elevation of sanding and polishing wheel showing setting edge of opal gemstone. This edge makes the setting of claws in pendants, rings, and bracelets easier and less prone to chipping

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A homemade housing for an opal sanding and polishing disc. Just a simple wood frame but its so convenient to stop water and mud getting everywhere

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The correct position for using a dremmel with water in opal carving

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