Baby Owl

Sweet Little Owl, one of my other favorite animals. Even though I hate birds lol, they are majestic.


The hedgehog, the sweetest animal in the whole world. I had one and, he was intelligent, sweet, he loved to swim in his bath.


Funny pictures about Tiny Baby Beaver. Oh, and cool pics about Tiny Baby Beaver. Also, Tiny Baby Beaver photos.


pink /rose texture/pattern coquillage shell - shells for inside a crystal lamp base. these are plentiful on the beach between Progreso & Chicxulub, Yucatan, Mexico

So cute!

This Is Sammy.I love giraffes :) This Is Sammy.I love giraffes :) This Is Sammy.I love giraffes :)

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Love the pretty!

Nature's Artwork - multicoloured shells - natural pattern & texture source for sea-inspired design;

Odd looking

Barred Owl -- Barred Hoot Owl- Originally only seen in the east, in the century spread to the Pacific NW and southern California. These large stocky owls nest in tree cavities in large mature forests, often near water. Average life span in the wild yrs.

Pearly spiral.   Let op agtergrond. tekstuur kombinasie

I love the shape of this shell and how the smooth spiral contrasts with the spikes around the edges. I also like the tiny detailing going around the spiral of the shell.

would love to have an owl in my garden

camouflaged owl / barred owl peek-a-boo / Fine Art America by Jennie Marie Schell