Roman Baths and Abbey, Circular Bath, Bath, England

This color photochrome print was created between 1890 and 1900 in Bath, England. The picture presents Roman Baths and Abbey, Circular Bath, England.

Marcin Rusak

- Marcin Rusak has developed a technique of preserving dried and fresh flowers in black resin. He has applied this unique surface finish to some statement pieces of furniture such as this beautiful room divider and cast aluminum table.

Eric Blum – Untitled No 685

blue-voids: “ Eric Blum - Untitled works, 2013 - ink, silk, & beeswax on panel ”


René Magritte, Les grandes espérances, Oil on canvas, 63 x 50 cm.

The White Desert, Farafra, Egypt

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El Perro Del Mar

"peterfromtexas: Camels chilling at the beach in Morocco." They come ashore annually to breed.

‎Rotula Orbiculus Angolensis

Michal Jurásek‎Sea Shell Collecting "sanddollars" Heliophora orbiculus (Linné, This genus is present from western coast of Sahara and Senegal to Angola.

Agnes Martin, Gabriel, 1976

Agnes Martin Gabriel Film still, 2 reels, Answer Print, Negative printing rolls, 78 minutes.