tom waits

Smoke: Tom Waits "The piano has been drinking, not me…" deaths-praises:

Charlotte Gainsbourg. Goddess.

French Beauty Is Easy — Kind Of

Who is Charlotte Gainsbourg. Is Charlotte Lucy Gainsbourg celebrity. who Is Star Charlotte Gainsbourg and who is real celebrity, find out at Star No Star.

Foo Fighters.

Foo Fighters - Dave Grohl (the guy with the awesome long brown hair) is one of my favorite people ever.

Roisin Murphy

"Sow Into You." "Night of the Dancing Flame. You're so freakin' welcome.

so true

I am that "awful screaming shit". i am that "terrible" song. That "disgusting sound." I am Bring Me The Horizon. And every time you bash them, you're bashing me too.

Patti Smith.

The artist as a young woman

The ever amazing Patti Smith - Who is a long lost sister of Kim's.

Nick Cave.

Nick Cave/Bad Seeds :: Kicking Against the Pricks


THE Band! Infinite listening is clearly an option.