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Gangster's paradise
Gangster's paradise
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The Pewaukee Apple was developed by Pewaukeean, George Peffer, who had a fruit farm and nursery across from what is now the Waukesha County Technical College campus. Mr. Peffer received an award in 1870 from the American Pomological Society for the Pewaukee Apple.
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During the 1880s, Milwaukee's breweries used more 335,000 tons of ice per year. Meat packing also required large amounts of ice for the storage and shipment of meats. Wisconsin was seen as a dependable source of high quality ice, particularly as rapid industrial expansion elsewhere led to increasingly polluted waterways. Pewaukee Lake in Waukesha County was a major ice harvesting site, and was used by Best Brewery, followed by Armour, Cudahy, and the Wisconsin Lakes Ice and Cartage Company.
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In the fall of 1901, Armour, one of the largest ice houses in Pewaukee, was struck by lightning and burned to the ground.
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Alaska Station in Pewaukee
Alaska Station in Pewaukee. This was the Station stop that was used for loading ice that was cut from Pewaukee Lake during the winter and stored in ice houses located next to the tracks. Ice was shipped to Milwaukee and beyond for use in the meat packing houses.
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American Diwali
Fourth of July fireworks, Pewaukee lakefront, 2009
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Waukesha Beach
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The start of Pewaukee
View of Main Street, Pewaukee
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The Milwaukee Road Hiawatha - Pewaukee, WI (acrylic by Bruce Friesch)
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Making History
Frances Lorinda Heath (26 Mar 1847 – 1930) Born on March 26, 1847 in the lakeside village of Pewaukee, WI to Judge Chauncey Frances "Frank" Heath Eldridge Graham Heath and his wife, Frances “Frank” Minerva Williams
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Hotel Savoy, Pewaukee, WI
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Club House Lawn and Promenade, Waukesha Beach, Pewaukee Lake, 1911
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Waukesha Beach was a popular summer recreation area, from its beginnings in 1894 until it closed in 1949. It included roller coasters, a fun house, roller skating, a dance pavilion, souvenir stands and refreshments. Performers appearing at Waukesha Beach included the Andrews Sisters and Ted Mack, who later achieved fame with his Original Amateur Hour, which began on radio and later moved to television.
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The clear spring lake which later became known as Pewaukee Lake was ideal for ice for commercial use in the days prior to electrical refrigeration. Ice harvesting was one of the major industries of Pewaukee. Major ice houses included those of meat packers, Armour and Plankinton. Pewaukee became one of the major suppliers of ice to Southeastern Wisconsin.
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Pewaukee Area Historical Society
Clark House - now the Clark House Museum and home to the Pewaukee Area Historical Society