a tree for Christmas

NEXT YEAR vintage Christmas This picture gave me an idea of gathering old family christmas photo's and displaying them for the holidays. Maybe a cologe photo frame.

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Un adulte créatif est un enfant qui a survécu. by Ursula K.


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Opéra royale Versailles

Opéra royale Versailles

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Commencer à apprendre.

Life is not waiting until the storms pass . It's learning how to dance in the rain. (La vie ce n'est pas d'attendre que les orages passent…C'est d'apprendre comment danser sous la pluie.

I miss the person I used to be...

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Choose a job that you love, and you'll never have to work one day in your life! #citation française. French quote.

choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life- confucius ~ français citation ~

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" Soyez Vous même, tous les Autres sont déjà pris " Oscar Wilde Plus

The logic will take you from point "A" to point "B". Imagination will lead you everywhere.

"The logic will take you to a point A to a point B. The imagination will take you everywhere." Albert Einstein A genius quote. Plus

I'm starting to feel whole again and I won't let anyone else break me

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Too sad and full of regret to do anything. Ever feel like that? Take my heart, it's broken and in a sense betrays you? Do you sometimes feel haunted by regret and despair? We all get sad from time to time, problem is when it becomes dominate.

But then Alice said, if the world does not make any sense, that prevents us to invent one! Mais alors, dit Alice

c est ca ma philosophie aussi! j adore alice au pays des merveilles

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I don't cry anymore. The hurt has just become a numb feeling I've felt over and over again.