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Atoka County, Oklahoma. the ranch is half in this county and half in Bryan County. It's my favorite place!!

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waxing poetic charm- I love fleur de lis for Scouts. and my two, close to three, Eagle Scouts!

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Amethyst: A Passion for Purple

I love geodes. I have several and I have used them for a lesson at school before about judging from the outside of things.

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Italian Cream Cake. This looks like my mom's. Hers is delicious! I can't wait until Christmas for her to make one!

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Small vintage Pyrex coffee pot with gold flour de lis accents

I have a collection of these, but I don't have one like this..I need one!

I think oak trees are the most beautiful in the winter. I love the structure of them.

Daylilie's from the garden of Dan 330.

He may be getting a little crankier in his old age, but David Letterman still knows how to have a good time on late night TV.