wan ryeol BAEK

wan ryeol BAEK

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wan ryeol BAEK
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Architectural Sketches

This drawing explores the use of different line direction through shadow and depth. It uses varying line techniques by drawing them close together or far apart or utilising different line thicknesses.

NORD Wins Competition to Design Marine Education Center in Malmö

First Prize, Marine Education Centre, Built by NORD Architects in Malmö, Sweden with date Images by NORD Architects. NORD Architects has released designs for a new Marine Education Centre in Malmö, Sweden. The Copenhagen-based practic.

Winners of the Competition YAC – Space to Culture

Competition Asks Young Architects to Transform Abandoned Factory into Cultural Center,Mention: KenepaStudio (Andrea Gion, Elisa Zanchetta, Tania Sarria, Marco Furlan). Image Courtesy of Young Architects Competitions

Colored pencils. How awesome would that be to have a wall in your studio, craft or art room filled with a rainbow of colored pencils?

Colored pencils organized in rainbow order. Each colored pencil is in a certain place to give it a rainbow affect. This is framing because all the pencils is being framed in the shelve. It's also balance as the pencils are in rows and the same size.