Cigar band diamond ring

And this is def the ring I will wear - Cigar band diamond ring . Rona Pfeiffer Blue diamond cigar band ring* ct blue pave diamond and ct yellow pave diamond ring set in sterling silver and gold backing Price (USD):


C A T B I R D Edwardian Hand Necklace We had these graceful hands hand carved for us out of sustaiably harvested Tagua nut based on a beautiful, vintage ivory hand we found. Each hand wears a sweet brass bangle.

Centaur Roman Gold Ring - Red Jasper Intaglio, ca 3rd century A.D.

(Roman) Gold ring with red jasper intaglio features open gold wire work on ring, held together with pellets. ca century CE. Bezel is mounted from back decorative rim and folded up on intaglio. internal diameter of band.

Rune Rings, set of 6, sterling silver twig rings - Joanna Szkiela x Ovate collaboration. $320.00, via Etsy. via @galadarling

Rune Rings, set of sterling silver twig rings - Joanna Szkiela x Ovate collaboration by redsofa on Etsy

"Lunula amulets date back to the end of the Bronze Age, and continued to be worn into modern times. They were common in Egypt as well as among many farming peoples of Europe and Asia and reflected the worship of the moon, which was associated with fertility. Earrings, pendants, metal details of headdresses, and other ornaments had the form of lunulae. Lunulae were especially widespread in Rus. in the tenth to 12th centuries." Pendant from the Crafty Celts.

Древние Птица амулет (соул) - лунницы - Ancient Bird amulet (soul) of pre-pagan origins. Lunnitsy, Lunula or Lunitsa is a bird shaped

Demimonde Pink Garnet Earrings>> i love these in a completely irrational way @Amanda Gaddis Studio and Shop

Demimonde Pink Garnet Earrings>> i love these in a completely irrational way Snelson Snelson Gaddis Studio and Shop

Cosmic Witch ring

Cosmic Witch Ring

The Cosmic Witch Ring ~ A bewitching ring in the model of lunar phases. A center diamond as a full moon, orbited by smaller diamonds like the stars.

Pomengranate ring by Sergey Zhiboedov

Totally inspired by my favorite myth: Persephone. POMEGRANATE garnet silver ring by WingedLion on Etsy,

AyMarieke / Udjat Necklace

Ay Marieke Udjat Necklace – silver hand-formed eye pendant with pyrite and brass fringe.


New Beginnings

The crescent moon featured on this talisman is symbolic of new beginnings and the making of dreams into reality. PYRRHA - Pyrrha talismans are cast using authentic wax seals and imagery from the Victo

Pamela Love Champagne Diamond Pentagram Ring

Pamela Love Champagne Diamond Pentagram Ring and other apparel, accessories and trends. Browse and shop 10 related looks.