Instead of hiring an expensive photographer for your childs first birthday pictures, check out these cute photo ideas for a birthday on a budget. Cheap baby girl first birthday picture Ideas


Natalie Shau: Dream II wow a real head turner of a couture ball gown , a victorian steam punk style ball gown with octopus theatrical costume head dress real mermaid or evil sea queen look for a party or halloween ball , great grimm fashion photo

Sleeping beauty on the lake.

talk about being rocked to sleep! this is part of my on-going series to create my dream bed`room! Now if I can just talk my husband into installing a pond in the bed room.


Vivienne Westwood 1994 (Source: witchesandslippersandhoods, via wanderworldwonderlust)


Love the blue tulle petticoat. A beautiful but concealed take on "something blue".and another easy DIY with the stock white petticoat and some cheap RIT fabric dye. (Also, I just love the lace wedding dress in the photo!

Awesome perspective

Perseus and Medusa Statue This beautiful statue by Benvenuto Cellini of Perseus after removing the head of Medusa stands in the piazza outside the Palazzo Vecchio near the Uffizi.

Terra Kate, "Grow Like Tornado"

Grow Like Tornado by Terra Kate Allow There is no controlling life. Try corralling a lightning bolt, containing a tornado. Dam a stream and it will create.


For the perfect steam punk look for Halloween: take a bronze, or copper- even gold eye shadow and out line it with black eye liner. And a dark red lip to make the steam punk look perfect!

the tail

"Fish tail braids" My hair will not be this long by saturday but it should still be long enough to try this! This is the best hair style I've seen yet!

the v-shape..good lord

Finally got internet back at the Mitcham house and I have two cover options sitting in my email with a hottie that looks remarkably similar to this fella.