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#DIY Home #Hydroponics System | A fun and easy project to grow your own #food | http://www.powerhousehydroponics.com/diy-home-hydroponics-system/

For someone looking for a simple, effective soilless garden, a DIY home hydroponics system may be the best choice to get started in urban gardening.

http://www.powerhousegrowers.com/37-benefits-of-green-roofs/ | @Powerhouse Growers

Kresge Foundation - Grants in 7 program areas, including environment, education, human services and community development. HQ in Troy, MI.

9 Examples of Building Integrated Vegetation | www.PowerHouseGrowers.com | @Powerhouse Growers

Health, economic, social, and environmental benefits of incorporating more plants and greenery into urban spaces, and commercial and residential buildings.

PowerHouse Growers | www.PowerHouseGrowers.com | @Powerhouse Growers

PowerHouse Growers | www.PowerHouseGrowers.com | @Powerhouse Growers