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Great for 5th grade lesson. (~2 minutes) A Video showing a great simple message about Bullying Awareness - the Indirect type... Cyber Bullying, Alienatation and being Excluded.


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Grade 5/6 Forces Acting on Structures & Mechanisms and Flight

My gifted students loved it when I wrote a quote on the black board outside my classroom each week. Now you can do it too...without needing the blackboard. Download these FREE quotes for your classroom posters, print, frame or laminate and see if your students like them too!


Chalkboard Style Classroom Quotes Posters

FREE Thank You Letter Templates! Encourage your students to thank a staff member - it'll make their day!


How to Make an Interesting Art Piece Using Tree Branches | eHow

I created these for my intermediate students and they really bought into it. I started off writing them myself, but as time passed we took the time to learn how to write sincere, detailed praise and thanks and it took off from there. Looks great on coloured paper and taped to the entrance of the classroom door. At the end of the year, pile up each student's 'shout-outs' and present them. I have pinned a couple other templates - for variety on the wall.


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Stomp Out Inappropriate Language

Regardless of which elementary grade you teach, you can keep bad language at bay by using the "stomp" method outlined in this blog post. This teacher has had success using this in her Kindergarten, 4th, and 6th grade classroom - so you can be sure it'll work with your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grade students as well. It's a great classroom management strategy that will work great during the first days of school. Let this back to school season be your best one yet!

Stomp Out Inappropriate Language - Hojo's Teaching Adventures

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The Muppets Always Make You FEEL Better!

The Muppets Always Make You FEEL Better! | 8 Bit Nerds

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Student Goal Setting in Elementary School

Student Goal Setting in Elementary School • What I Have Learned Learn to set SMART goals, create action plans, and celebrate achievements. Students take control of their learning in small manageable ways.

Student Goal Setting in Elementary School • What I Have Learned