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    Philadelphia Cream Cheese
    Philadelphia Cream Cheese
    Philadelphia Cream Cheese

    Philadelphia Cream Cheese

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    Mashed potatoes? Check. Spinach? Check. Bacon? Check! Get these comforting Bacon Spinach Mashed Potatoes in your belly right now.

    You have to try these Garlicky Kale Cheese Crostini. Trust us, kale is pretty spectacular once you put it between garlic and cheese.

    When you put the word ‘Easy’ in front of the words ‘Shepherds’ and ‘Pie’ you have yourself a dinner menu for the rest of the week.

    We’re talking individual Shepherds Pie, people! Those lucky enough to try these flakey mouthfuls will finally understand what a Christmas miracle really is.

    Here’s the best thing since sliced bread: sliced banana bread. And not just any banana bread, cream cheesy banana bread.

    You never know when your hunger might strike. Best to be prepared with Tracey’s Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes.

    Your sweet tooth better brace itself for what it’s about to see. These are White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Bars. We repeat, White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Bars!

    A Three Cheese Chicken Penne so easy to prepare, it only takes 40 minutes. That’s a small price to pay for a dish that’s impossibly delicious.

    The only thing better than a slice of cheesecake, is having a whole bar of it to yourself. It’s especially sweet when we’re talking about these Caramel Cheesecake Bars. Better save some room for later…

    Butternut Squash Soup is the best, but it’s even better when it’s souped up with crispy bacon.

    Maybe one day you’ll be able to go inside your computer and take a bite out of this Silky Mushroom Linguine. Until’s the recipe.

    Everything is better with cheese, but you already know that. Take your regular broccoli side dishes to flavour town with a generous dose of cheddar. This Hot Broccoli Cheese Dip is officially pronounced a-maze-ing.

    This picture of Praline Cheesecake is worth a thousand mmm’s.

    If you don’t like double dippers, watch out. This Spiced Cranberry Dip brings out the double...make that triple dipping in everyone.

    Cookies are out, and Apple Cranberry Crumb Bars are in. This year, leave a treat for Santa that’s a little more special and a whole lot sweeter.

    When you hear the grumble, think Apple Crumble Cheesecake. This silky smooth cheesecake is so good, it’s two desserts in one.

    Who knew a recipe so spooky could be so delicious? Bake a batch of these Witch’s Finger Cookies, and you’re sure to turn your kids’ party into a Halloween smash.

    Show off your creative side with an Autumn-inspired DIY recipe idea. With just a few ingredients and a flair for style. This fun, delicious pumpkin cake will be a favourite with your kids this Halloween.

    No dinner party is complete without this delightful Roasted Beet, Feta, and Walnut-Topped Crostini recipe. Packed with flavour and covered with ingredients you love, this creamy, tasty app is perfect for gatherings big and small.

    The taste of classic pierogies are now easier than ever to enjoy at home. With this Easy Pierogi Casserole recipe, you can have your favourite cheese and potato dumplings in the comfort of your own home – and without any of the hard work.

    Have a love for Pumpkin-Spice? You’ll adore this Pumpkin-Spiced Whoopie Pies recipe with a Ginger Cream twist. Easy to bake and easy to enjoy, they’re sure to be a favourite with your family this Halloween.

    Creamy Chicken & Cranberry-Pecan Wild Rice takes dinner to the next level with a mix of creamy, crunchy, flavourful and fun. It just might be your new weekend staple.

    No baking is needed for this simple, satisfying meal. Browned on the outside and creamy on the inside, Easy Cauliflower & Broccoli au Gratin is a hit for both dinner parties and dinners with the family.

    Bring a scoop of cheesy goodness to tonight’s dinner with Easy Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes. This easy recipe mixes your ingredients together in a flash, so there’s no time wasted. It’s just make and bake!

    Who says dinner is all about the main? With Sweet Potato and Parsnip Mash, your side dish will be the real star of the dinner table. Creamy and rich, this mash recipe will be ready before you can say ‘Sweet Potato’.

    Fall is in the air, and Autumn Pear Crisps are in your kitchen! These seasonal flavours, mixed together with crunchy wafers and smooth, rich cream cheese, make a recipe that you’ll be waiting all year for.

    3-Step Recipe: Why share when you can have a Mini Pumpkin Pie all to yourself? Easy to make and easy to top, these cute, delicious Thanksgiving treats are the perfect idea for parties, for the holidays, or for a little extra something after dinner.

    You’ll love the Pumpkin-Carrot Cake, but it’s the cream cheese and brown sugar icing that’ll have you coming back for seconds. And with its simple ingredients, this easy recipe can impress family and friends alike this Thanksgiving holiday.

    The ingredients you love, finally together in one delicious Thanksgiving recipe. With a little something for everyone, Chocolate Pumpkin Crumble Cheesecake will be a family favourite long after the holidays are over.

    It’s the beginning of football season. Better yet, it’s the beginning of Buffalo Blue Cheese Dip season.

    Introduce our Bavarian Apple Torte to your family’s dessert line-up for a traditional and nostalgic European dessert.

    Our Double Onion Dip may bring tears to your eyes. Tears of joy, of course.

    Start a school day off right with our Pumpkin Apple Streusel Muffins. Pumpkins and apples are brain food, right?

    Get funky with your French toast by making it in a waffle iron.

    Regular birthday cakes are so last year. Try baking this Apricot Pound Cake next time you or your friends are blowing out candles.

    Nothing warms up a September day like our Mini Chocolate-Cherry Pies. In fact, things might turn hot and steamy.

    A hard day of studying deserves a treat. And these Artichoke Cheese Puffs take snacking to a whole new level.

    When life gives you lemons, you turn 2 tbsp. of it into lemon zest and bake delicious Wild Blueberry Lemon Buckle Cake.

    Graduate from simple snacks to classy appetizers with these Avocado Tomato Cheese Crostini.

    Unexpected guests coming over this weekend? No sweat! You can whip up this Pesto Crostini recipe in a flash.

    Every Chocolate-Hazelnut Thumbprint is distinct and delicious. Kind of like real thumbprints, but minus the delicious part.

    September is harvest season, which is perfect because you’ll need fresh veggies for our Cheesy Harvest Vegetables.

    A great way to get your vegetables and deliciousness, it’s our Baked Tripe Veggie Dip.

    Summer’s over. Time to put on layers and warm up with this unbeatable Warm Italiano Spread.

    Give your September some sizzle with our Hot Cheesy Mexican Dip.

    Cool down this summer with a frosty sip of blended berries.

    Watch out for brain freeze when you enjoy this unbelievably refreshing minty lime freeze.