Meandering path and hanging lanterns with a perfect use of pea gravel and tumbled river rock.

Cabin days

Lets get a cabin in the woods and wake up early to see the beautiful morning and drink coffee while listening to the birds! and then get ready to start our adventure!

Now this is how you set a tent up. With a campsite like this all of your camping equipment will be the best.

A tent under a canopy. Additional space is used for living space.>>> This is really smart but I can't imagine bringing all of this stuff for camping.But would be nice if you had it set up already in your yard or for emergency living space.

The Moon and the Temple of Poseidon Cape Sounio. Greece

You know, I saw the Temple of Poseidon and the moon was NOT that color. The Temple of Poseidon Cape Sounio Greece

Ruins of Holyrood Abbey, Scotland.

Holyrood ("Holy Cross") Abbey in Scotland. Reportedly, Robert the Bruce held parliament here. Multiple invading armies damaged the Abbey, which was finally plundered during the Scottish Reformation in Holyrood Abbey - Edinburgh, Scotland.



como shambhala estate in bali. [One of several private pools at Como Shambhala Estate, where yoga and massage round out your stay.


This is a very cool idea! For a path through the beds in the side yard. This one uses stone or cement. I think this would translate into wooden pallet planks very well.

Library of Strahov Monastery, Prague

Library of Strahov Monastery, Prague (by Michael Langille)--one of the great purposes of monasteries was to preserve learning and books--so they often possess great libraries