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    This applies to almost every aspect of, fitness, kindness, charity, work, education....

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    For all those that are struggling right now with the problems & cares of life.... Please know that God is with you & he loves you very much ! So Lord in the middle of all my struggles & hardships in life right now , I still give you praise for you are good & your Love endures forever ! Today I Give You Thanks Heavenly Father !

    阿富汗博物馆(部分为中国在阿铜矿出土)-金铜造像,汉,藏,蒙,东南亚之造像,唐卡,擦擦,法器-盛世收藏论坛 -

    Help us Lord to know your will for our lives and to be able to accept it ...knowing that it is your very best!!

    HEY SABRINA FAITH : March 2014

    Finding Encouragement Through God’s Word For Moms --- God’s Word is alive and active.  It is a manual for life, our guide to knowing God and how to live like Him.  Bible verses are a powerful resource that increase our faith, encourage our confidence, and bring […]… Read More Here #marriage #love

    Encouraging Life Verses For Moms

    Psalm 91 - calming my Ebola fear....also praying for all affected by this disease and for medical staff and first responders!

    Sunday Scripture: Psalm 91:10-11

    A Prayer for Peace of Mind Almighty God, We bless you for our lives, we give you praise for your abundant mercy and grace we receive. We ...

    A Prayer for Peace of Mind - To Heal Anxiety and Stress

    This is gorgeous~ God, please mold me and work in my life, so I can be an instrument for you. #God #quotes #prayer

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    Settling. That's what we call it. Why do smart, beautiful, Christian girls take the immediate rather than wait for someone worthy of them? I ask myself this question often. Maybe it's the wanna-be-...

    You Don't Want to Lose Him... But Maybe You Should

    She was an amazing person. My hero.

    Photo Diary: Touring, Treats & More

    Very true indeed

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    Anecdote time! I was with some friends and there were LOTS of people in the place we were in. I was very quiet. My friend noticed and asked me why I was sad or angry....I was not sad...I thought it was very odd for her to think my quietness was sadness or anger

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    I think this is hard for extroverts to understand. They think that if being with people is draining, then we must not like people. On the contrary, we want and like our friends as much as anyone, we just need that quiet time to fill up again.

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    “Stillness is the altar of spirit.” ― Paramahansa Yogananda,

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    This stands true for me since i've shut down from people, i feel more confident without their negative vibes bringing me down. I was tired of being excluded, and looked down on all while being friendly, polite, & supportive. I'm much more confident now. Self respect has taken away the insecurities. I'm also getting a very sharp intuition as i get older that i listen very closely to.

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    Because always, even in the darkest moments, in moments of sin, in moments of weakness, in moments of failure, I have seen Jesus and I trusted Him. He has not left me alone.

    Caput Mundi: Trust In Jesus

    "A woman in her glory, a woman of beauty, is a woman who is not striving to become beautiful or worthy or enough. She knows in her quiet center where God dwells that he finds her beautiful, has deemed her worthy, and in him, she is enough." Unfading beauty comes from a gentle and quiet spirit... 1 Peter 3:4

    from Ainsley, with love: Monday Mantra

    .He does strengthen me in my weakness

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    Christ is your iron -- He doesn't MAKE you strong: He IS your strength.~♥. David, Paul, Peter, Joshua, Abraham, and others all knew what we need to remember: We all need to depend upon God's strength. Many examples of strength in the Bible can be found here: www.whatchristian...

    Why Weak is the New Strong: Radical Right Where You Are {Pt4}

    Verse of the week. Made To Crave online bible study by Proverbs 31 Ministries! #CraveGod #Determination

    I Don’t Got This, Chapter 4 MTC

    …Be victorious.

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    Sweet Tea and Sunshine: Instagram quotes

    Real beauty isn't something you can tangibly see. It's something that fills your heart. Jesus fills my heart; He is the only thing beautiful in me.

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    DIY Hunger Games quote on barnwood-- use stencil or vinyl letter stickers (she used her Silhouette- lucky girl).

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    Scripture Art Bible Verse Art Faith Based Art 1 by faithforward, $20.00

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