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OMG I GOTTA DO THIS!!! I love how they "pop out" instead of the usual ones that have the "sunk in" look. Color & Shape Ideas are endless.

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clear glass Christmas ball ornaments. Remove the hanger and fill the glass ball ornaments about half full with dried lavender. Reattach the hanger. Slip a length of 1” wide purple organza ribbon through the hanging wire and tie a bow. These ornaments make nice Christmas gifts.

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How to recycle t-shirts to make a memory quilt

memory-quilt-ecokaren........Seems like the secret lies in ironing the tshirts onto an interface material prior to sewing them together to avoid stretching of the tshirts and an uneven messed up line. Plus using a template to ensure all are the same size....hmmm how hard could it be?

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Make a Memory Quilt for Free from Your Old Clothes!